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Influencer marketing and brand storytelling: the perfect match?

Influencer marketing and brand storytelling: the perfect match?

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Influencer marketing does not only occur through product placements. As outstanding storytellers, influencers are also excellent relays when it comes to telling a brand’s story and highlighting its know-how. Here are some explanations. 

The power of storytelling for your brand

Brand storytelling is a long-established communication method with proven effectiveness. From Paris to Silicon Valley, the most iconic brands successfully use this marketing process. Who doesn’t remember the founding myth of Facebook, the story of the iconic “Birkin” bag, or the image of the “petites mains” who work hard and are talented, synonymous with French luxury? And for good reason, with its characters – contemporary or historical -, its anecdotes and its adventures, the story carries meaning, emotions and values. As a result, it connects brands with their audience and embed their message in the minds of consumers. According to Jennifer Aaker, Professor of Marketing at Stanford University, stories are “22 times more memorable” than raw facts. A good reason to stage your company and tell the story of your products through the words of skilled storytellers. 


Influencers as outstanding storytellers

Influencer marketing gives a new lease of life to the practice of storytelling. Indeed, brands find in influencers amazing storytellers, able to make their story shine and to highlight their expertise. Accustomed to recounting their experiences and their favourite stories, content creators master the art of interesting and engaging their audience on social networks. Each of them addresses a specific community, whose codes, values and aspirations they share. Through influencers, brands can therefore address the right message to the right target. Better still, by working with content creators, brands can personify their story and give it a more authentic dimension. The reason? Influencers are perceived as “average” consumers, in whom people can easily identify. They share personal views that are particularly credible to their followers. 


How to include storytelling in your influencer marketing campaigns?

Influencers can tell your brand’s story in many ways. Narrative formats such as blog posts, videos (Instagram Reels, TikTok clips, YouTube videos), podcasts and, of course, Stories (Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest) are particularly suited to this exercise. However, the key is to provide content creators with the material to feed and illustrate their story. In this respect, numerous devices can be envisaged: a visit to your workshops, factories, laboratories or offices; a meeting with your teams and/or suppliers; a question and answer session with one of your employees, suppliers or ambassadors; participation in a workshop to make one of your products; a guided tour of an exhibition dedicated to your brand or participation in a conference or webinar dedicated to the history of your brand and your know-how. The possibilities are endless!


Some inspiring influencer marketing campaigns

Storytelling is a marketing lever particularly used by luxury brands, especially those in the fashion, jewelry and beauty sectors. 

The luxury jeweller Bulgari

In October 2021, the luxury jeweller and accessory maker Bulgari collaborated with blogger, instagrammer and youtuber Victoria Magrath, known under the pseudonym “InTheFrow”. First invited to Milan to attend the opening night of the brand’s latest collection, the British influencer then flew to Florence. Welcomed in the Italian brand’s manufacturing plant, the content creator was able to discover the manufacturing stages of these items and try her hand at leather goods. This was an opportunity for her to produce numerous pieces of content (posts, Instagram Real and Stories, YouTube vlog and blog article) highlighting the know-how of the company’s “little hands” and recounting, with perceptible emotion, this unique experience. 


The luxury shoe brand Roger Vivier

In June 2021, the shoe brand Roger Vivier appeared in a video posted on its Instagram account by the influencer May Berthelot, who also specialises in the luxury sector. Visiting one of the brand’s boutiques on rue Saint-Honoré, the French Instagrammer was able to chat with the brand’s ambassador, Inès de la Fressange. A natural and spontaneous exchange during which the history of the shoe manufacturer, its singularities and its artisanal know-how were highlighted through anecdotes, both historical and personal. 


The car manufacturer Bentley

The fashion, jewellery and beauty sectors are not the only ones to invest in the field of influence through the prism of storytelling. In 2021, the car manufacturer Bentley renewed its collaboration with the British influencer Victoria Magrath. The programme includes a long and enthusiastic story, produced during various events organized by the brand (presentation of old cars, factory visits, test drives, etc.) and retracing the history of the company, from its origins to its most recent models. 


Finally, it should be noted that storytelling is not reserved for luxury brands or the oldest labels. Other, younger or more modest brands can also make their history and know-how shine through influencer marketing campaigns.

Filled with meaning and emotion, storytelling is a marketing lever appreciated by consumers and particularly effective in developing brand awareness. Relayed by credible, sincere and passionate content creators, brand stories touch the public even more. The condition to benefit from this resonance chamber? Find influencers who are in line with your company’s values and let them discover your behind-the-scenes stories in an original and inspiring way.


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Photo credits: Darius Bashar via Unsplash