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Customer Reviews are the Future of SEO Marketing
Improve your e-reputation Ratings & Reviews

Customer Reviews are the Future of SEO Marketing

Everyone knows that customer feedback is important to gather but some business owners don’t know where that information should be displayed or how it can be integrated into your marketing strategy.

Customer Reviews can be posted to your website, social media and thanks to our partnership, in the most popular search engines, increasing your Search Engine Optimization or SEO. A benefit of our Google partnership allows us to display star reviews under your products which is more compelling for the buyer. You can see an example of that below with our customer Kusmi Tea.

In addition to SEO, your Search Engine Advertisement or SEA can be increased by adding your star rating below your add on a search engine, which you can see an example of below with our customer Chairish.

How can reviews increase your natural Google ranking?

Google is an answer engine. For each request, the algorithms of the famous search engine will offer a list of results deemed relevant. The main objective is to answer the question posed by the Internet user. On the list of results, more commonly called the SERP (Search Engine Response Page), Google will highlight ads by making them as attractive as possible.

Customer Reviews are visible on Google

It is in these ads that the rating, in number of stars , attributed to the website by its customer reviews will be displayed . Visually the ad stands out from the crowd. And should generate more clicks to the website. The more people click, the more the position of the ad has the potential to increase in the list. The advantage for a site of showing its rating on the SERP is therefore to improve its positioning. Be careful though, other factors are taken into account in Google’s algorithms, so not everything is played on the opinions. However, it’s a good string to add to your bow to grab some coveted 1st page positions.

Product pages with customer reviews rank on Google

Google always tries to answer as exactly as possible the requests of Internet users. And for this, the content created by customer reviews on product pages have the potential to be indexed and used by its algorithms. The main advantage of reviews for the SEO of your website is that these pages will respond to long tail requests , that is to say very specific requests, and thus position themselves in the SERP. Certainly, the search volumes for each query will be minimal, but by multiplying the pages positioned on the many long tail queries, you will benefit from a volume effect, and thus increase the traffic to your site.

SEO performance and its impact on purchase decisions

There are three major cognitive biases that influence a purchase decision and they have a significant impact on whether a customer is ready to make a purchase.

  1. Category Heuristics – Short descriptions of key product details can simplify purchase decisions. An example of category heuristics would be the Rich Snippets that appear under the above ad for Chairish. Short key phrases such as ‘one-of-a-kind’, ‘curated’ and ‘unique’ are indexed by Google and increase SEO.
  2. Social Proof – Recommendations and reviews from other customers can be very persuasive and more effective than brand marketing. In fact, 92% of consumers read reviews, meaning most of your customers require social proof prior to making a purchase.
  3. Authority Bias – When a customer is influenced by an expert or trusted source. With customer reviews being so prevalent in the buyer journey, it’s no wonder why consumers turn to them so readily. Customer reviews and the star ratings attached to them heavily impact a customer’s opinion. And, if you’re skeptical of that fact, think back to your last online purchase; and consider how long you spent looking at reviews or whether you noticed the bright yellow stars next to the product description.

The benefits of customer reviews go beyond SEO performance

And the Internet user in all this?

Obviously, customer reviews are first and foremost an asset to convince and comfort the potential customer in purchasing your products or services. For this, do not neglect the choice of review solution, and prefer a third party solution like Verified Reviews that will give your customers confidence!

In the war of online sales, and especially when the product range from one merchant site to another is similar, customer service and the quality of the product delivered are paramount. And that’s why customer reviews are important because they allow the customer to choose your site over another through positive reviews from your existing customers.


What many businesses don’t realize is that customer reviews can work for you and they will speak louder than any marketing plan you could create. Reviews can reassure potential customers of your brand and product’s value, quality, and transparency with your consumers. And every new review is fresh content for your website, which Google loves to index, and will increase your overall ranking. Don’t let the opportunity to harness the power of reviews pass you by!