36 Tories accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour – #torysleaze36

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Conservative aides compiled a list of 36 Tories accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour.

The names and details listed below havent been confirmed and some of the claims are unsubstantiated but… here is the redacted list:

Tory Sleaze 36 list - The names of the 36 conservative mps accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour. APT

A second unredacted list has also been circulating:

Tory Sleaze 36 list - The names of the 36 conservative mps accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour with full details. APT

The full details are as follows:

Damien Green First Secretary of State Ashley Madison – handsy at parties
Dan Poulter Tory MP Impregnated former researcher and made her have an abortion & had other female researchers
Andrew Mitchell Ex-Cabinet Minister Inappropriate with women, including interviews + paid a female to keep quiet
Steven Crabbe Ex-Cabinet Minister Sexual relations with **** and inappropriate with women
Matt Hancock Minister of State for Digital Sexual relations with members of his private office
Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary NDA between him and Daniele Fleet (Senior Secretary to James Duddridge MP)
Mark Garnier International Trade Minister Inappropriate with women – asked PA to buy sex toys
Davis Mossis   Inappropriate with female and male staff* Alexandra Swann
Michael Fallon Defence Secretary Odd sexual penchants and sexual with fellow MP Mike Freeer – a drunk
George Hollingbery PPS to PM Handsy with women
Nigel Adams Whip Sexual relations with Robert Hatton’s researcher
Conor Burns   Inappropriate with male researchers + Augustine Chipungu
Guy Opperman Minister DWP Nicknamed Guy Copperfeel – handsy with females
Jake Berry Minister DCLG Impregnated Alic Robinson (Boris Johnson’s Office Manager)
Justin Tomlinson   Dates his researcher Kathrine Bennett
Bob Stewart Whip Perpetually intoxicated and very inappropriate with women
Chris Heaton-Harris Whip Inappropriate with female researchers & handsy in taxis
Chris Pincher   Inappropriate with male researchers and heavy drinker + touched Tom Blenkinsop
Michael Fabricant Deputy Leader Inappropriate with male journalist in taxis
Michael Ellis   Takes his personal trainer to cinema and to private rooms at Carlton
Robert Halfon   Inappropriate with female researchers + Alexandra Paterson + Dickenson at ***
John Whittingdale   Inappropriate with female researchers + uses prostitutes for odd sexual acts
Liz Truss Chief Sec Fornicated with male researchers while backbence MP + sexual relations with Kwasi Kwarteng
Daniel Kawczynski   Inappropriate with male researchers
John Hayes Transport Minister Inappropriate with female private office staff
Liam Fox   Adam Werrity
Alan Mak   Inappropriate with female researchers and journalists + asked 3 female aides on holiday
Claire Perry Transport Minister Inappropriate with female researchers +
Chris Skidmore Cab Office Minister Inappropriate with females (redacted)
Rory Stewart   Asked female researchers to do odd things (Sophie Bolsover)
Steve Double   Affairs with female reseach who was married to journalist at his local paper
Will Wrag   Video exists of three males urinating on him
Dom Raab Justice Minister Injunction for inappropriate behaviour with a women
Grant Shapps   Affair
Nicholas Soames   Inappropriate with female researchers (historic)
Mark Menzies   Known to have used female researchers
Amber Rudd Home Secretary Workplace relationship with Kwasi Kwarteng (PPS to the Chancellor)
Alun Cairns Welsh Secretary Likes to have intercourse with men who are wearing womens perfume (recently came out)

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