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AwakePostTruth.com is an independent digital media company that was created in response to the rising prevalence of fake news and the current post truth world that we find ourselves in, this was particularly evident in the United Kingdom’s 2016 EU Referendum and Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign to be President.

AwakePostTruth.com aims to provide verifiable facts and has been established to give everyone a voice, not just those who supported the winning side in either the EU referendum or the US presidential election.

Post Truth definintion: When objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.

  • Our global, cross-platform network includes our site, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many other digital platforms.
  • We aim to connect people across all sectors of society across the political divides, and give them news and images worth sharing.

Note: All artwork presented on the site has been produced by AwakePostTruth.com

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