Brett Kavanaugh: Senate votes on Supreme Court nominee – October 6 2018

The Republican Party finally got the votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

The Senate ultimately confirmed him to the high court on October 6, by a vote of 50-48. The vote went on partisan lines with two notable exceptions, Democratic Senator Joe Mancin of West Virginia who voted for Kavanaugh (Mancin is facing a tough battle for re-election in a state which voted heavily for Trump in 2016) and Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

Trump’s Supreme Court pick generated a controversy that transcended politics and tapped into the #MeToo movement.

For most of this year, key indicators have pointed toward a strong Democratic showing in November’s mid-term elections. Left-leaning voters, thanks to their anger at Trump’s policies, tweets and rallies, appear to be really engaged to have their say at the ballot box.

Democratic candidates have been inundated with donations. Democrats have turned out in record numbers to vote in primaries and special elections across the nation over the past year. They’re eager, after two years of Trump to highlight their displeasure and, to take action to wash away the loss of the 2016 US presidential election.

Recent polls have shown that the “enthusiasm gap” between Democrats and Republicans that had been very significant as recently as July had become statistically non-existent.

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