Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)

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Who are the DUP?

Leader: Arlene Foster

Deputy leader: Nigel Dodds

Political position: In the past the DUP has billed itself as “right-wing in the sense of being strong on the constitution”, but “to the left on social policy”

Size: It is the largest party in the Northern Ireland Assembly and the fifth-largest party in the House of Commons with 10 seats (2017 UK GE).

2017 manifesto key points

  • DUP wants to see a working Assembly and Executive as the best form of government for all our people.
  • We will judge any deal against five core tests set out in the manifesto.
  • We support the continued increases in the National Living Wage.
  • We will support proposals to further increase the personal tax allowance.
  • We support the maintenance of the pensions triple lock.
  • The DUP will resist any assault on important universal benefits.
  • We want to build a globally competitive economy.
  • We support the delivery of an ambitious new Industrial Strategy
  • We are committed to improving public services.
  • We support the continuation of the UK’s independent nuclear deterrent.
  • The DUP will resist attempts to rewrite the past.
  • The DUP will work to get the best deal for Northern Ireland as the UK leaves the European Union.
  • We are committed to see the development of a real respect agenda.


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