Donald Trump’s Week from Hell February 12-19, 2018

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The week beginning the 12th February 2018, has arguably been one of Trump’s worst – his week from hell! Highlights include:

  • Special counsel Robert Mueller issued indictments for 13 Russians for alleged interference in 2016 US election
  • Rick Gates, a former senior adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign, is nearing a plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller. 
  • Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, acknowledged that he made a $130,000 personal payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.
  • An alleged affair between former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal and Trump from 2006 has been made public. 
  • FBI Director Christopher Wray directly contradicted the White House’ account that Porter’s background check was in process 
  • 17 people are murdered at a school in Florida

Donald Trump's week from hell - 2018.02.12-19 - Trump-Russia, Stormy Daniels, affairs, FBI contraction of John Kelly and 17 dead in school shooting. Cartoon caricature APT


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