Mitch McConnell has damaged all three branches of government

McConnell, the Senator from Kentucky, has become so powerful and destructive, that in the last few years has done lasting damage to the Presidency, the Senate and the Supreme Court.

The presidency

American intelligence knew Russia were attacking the 2016 presidential elections. When the intelligence community briefed McConnell his response was “You’re trying to screw the Republican nominee.” McConnell then refused to condemn the Russians

McConnell has damaged the presidency - he refused to condemn the Russians. APT

The Senate

McConnell refused to even to meet with President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, and by blocking hearings on his nomination, McConnell deeply harmed the nature on which the Senate is supposed to run – being courteous and considerate to others.

Under all the presidents before Obama, 86 nominations had been blocked by filibuster. In just the Obama presidency alone, McConnell used the filibuster to block 82.

McConnell’s clear partisanship has severely wounded the Senate. The question is, can it ever recover?

McConnell has damaged the Senate through his use of the filibuster. APT

The Supreme Court

McConnell forced through the nomination of the unpopular Brett Kavanaugh, who has been accused of sexual assault by three women.

McConnell has damaged the supreme court through his pushing of the supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. APT

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