Top 10 Donald Trump jokes


Donald Trump joke No 1 - All muslims are a danger to us citizens except the rich ones of course. Caricature cartoon Awakeposttruth        


Donald Trump joke No 2 - There will be hell toupee. Caricature cartoon Awakeposttruth


Donald Trump joke No 3 - Claims he can turn the economy around - went bankrupt 4 times. Caricature cartoon Awakeposttruth


Donald Trump joke No 4 - Days without being a national embarrassment - 0. Caricature cartoon Awakeposttruth


Donald Trump joke No 5 - What dio Donald Trump and a pumpkin have in common. Caricature cartoon Awakeposttruth


Donald Trump joke No 6 - Do you want to hear a racist joke - Donald Trump. Caricature cartoon Awakeposttruth


Donald Trump joke No 7 - As you know=, Trump is beign accused of sexual misconduct by a slew of women. Caricature cartoon Awakeposttruth


Donald Trump joke No 8 - I am hair to serve you. Caricature cartoon Awakeposttruth


Donald Trump joke No 9 - If your kids want to know how important education is, show them an Obama speech and a Trump speech. Caricature cartoon Awakeposttruth


Donald Trump joke No 10 - Donald Trump always ooks like he just farted in an elevator just as other people are getting on. Caricature cartoon Awakeposttruth

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