Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign and through the beginning of his presidency, one controversy has consistently hung over his team: Russia.

US intelligence agencies have concluded Russia tried to sway the presidential election in favour of Trump.

It is alleged that Russian hackers stole information linked to the campaign of his rival Hillary Clinton and passed it to Wikileaks so it could be released to undermine her.

A history of Trump Russia - from stating no contact, to low-level contact to high level to stating it was adoption through to actual reason. Donald Trump cartoon caricature APT

Throughout his campaign for presidency and beyond, numerous figures within Trump’s campaign who engaged with the Russians, from Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Jared Kushner, Trump Jnr and Jeff Sessions. In May Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, at the time the FBI had begun investigation of the Trump team and potential collusion with Russia. Special Counsel Robert Mueller was then appointed to lead the investigation after Sessions excused himself. Mueller has impaneled a Grand Jury and has begun to tighten the net.

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