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NATO – Trump calls Nato Obsolete as a candidate but once President claims it is not obsolete

Trump-diciton. Donald Trump contradiction. After criticizing Nato throughout 2016 and 2017 On 12 April 2017, Trump stated - I said it was obsolete. It's no longer obsolete. Caricature cartoon APT

Trump first criticized NATO on March 21, 2016, when he told the Washington Post Trump that:

“NATO was set up at a different time. NATO was set up when we were a richer country. We’re not a rich country anymore. We’re borrowing, we’re borrowing all of this money…NATO is costing us a fortune and yes, we’re protecting Europe with NATO but we’re spending a lot of money. Number one, I think the distribution of costs has to be changed. I think NATO as a concept is good, but it is not as good as it was when it first evolved.”

Later on March 21, 2016, Trump participates in a CNN Town Hall debate, where he is interviewed by Wolf Blitzer:

CNN’s Blitzer: Do you think the United States needs to rethink U.S. involvement in NATO?

Trump: Yes, because it’s costing us too much money. And frankly they have to put up more money. They’re going to have to put some up also. We’re playing disproportionately. It’s too much. And frankly it’s a different world than it was when we originally conceived of the idea. And everybody got together.

Following the 22 March, 2016, terrorist attacks in Brussels, Trump stated that:

“NATO was done at a time you had the Soviet Union, which was obviously larger — much larger than Russia is today,” he said, adding that the alliance should be “readjusted to take care of terrorism.”

On 27 March, 2016, Trump tweeted:

“My statement on NATO being obsolete and disproportionately too expensive (and unfair) for the U.S. are now, finally, receiving plaudits!”

On 2 April, 2016 During a campaign  rally in Racine, Winsconsin campaign rally, Trump claims: 

“I said here’s the problem with NATO: it’s obsolete. Big statement to make when you don’t know that much about it, but I learn quickly.”

On 6 June, 2016, Trump tweeted:

“See, when I said NATO was obsolete because of no terrorism protection, they made the change without giving me credit.

On 30 July, 2016, Trump tweeted:

“Wow, NATO’s top commander just announced that he agrees with me that alliance members must PAY THEIR BILLS. This is a general I will like!”

On January 15, 2017, Trump restated his doubts of NATO 

“I said a long time ago that Nato had problems. Number one it was obsolete, because it was designed many, many years ago. Number two the countries aren’t paying what they’re supposed to pay. I took such heat, when I said Nato was obsolete. It’s obsolete because it wasn’t taking care of terror. I took a lot of heat for two days. And then they started saying Trump is right.”

On February 6, 2017, on a visit to MacDill Airforce base in Tampa, Florida, he says of NATO:

“We strongly support NATO, we only ask that all NATO members make their full and proper financial contribution to the NATO alliance, which many of them have not been doing.”

On 12 April, 2017, Trump made the following comments about NATO:

“The secretary general and I had a productive discussion about what more Nato can do in the fight against terrorism.”

“I complained about that a long time ago and they made a change, and now they do fight terrorism.”

“I said it was obsolete. It’s no longer obsolete.”

“If other countries pay their fair share instead of relying on the United States to make up the difference we will all be much more secure”

On 24 April 2017, Trump told the Associated Press:

“They had a quote from me that NATO’s obsolete. But they didn’t say why it was obsolete. I was on Wolf Blitzer, very fair interview, the first time I was ever asked about NATO, because I wasn’t in government. People don’t go around asking about NATO if I’m building a building in Manhattan, right?”

“So they asked me, Wolf … asked me about NATO, and I said two things. ‘NATO’s obsolete’ — not knowing much about NATO, now I know a lot about NATO — NATO is obsolete, and I said, ‘And the reason it’s obsolete is because of the fact they don’t focus on terrorism.’ You know, back when they did NATO, there was no such thing as terrorism,”


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