Trump says he’s most thankful for himself on Thanksgiving – 2018/11/22

On Thanksgiving, Trump said he was most thankful for himself, as he spent the holiday weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Trump was on a phone call with members of the media and the military early Thursday morning when one reporter asked him what he was “most thankful for” this year.

“For having a great family and for having made a tremendous difference in this country. I made a tremendous difference in the country. This country is so much stronger now than it was when I took office that you won’t believe it.”

Donald Trump 20181122 - I made a tremendous difference in the country - Does he mean good or bad.

“And I mean, you see it, but so much stronger that people can’t even believe it. When I see foreign leaders, they say we cannot believe the difference in strength between the United States now and the United States two years ago. Made a lot of progress.”

During the holiday call, Trump took the opportunity to criticize the federal courts for ruling against his decisions on immigration.

“It’s a terrible thing when judges take over your protective services, when they tell you how to protect your border. It’s a disgrace.”

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