Trump Visits the UK – July 2018

Donald Trump and wife Melania arrived in the UK for a four day visit from July 12 to July 15, 2018. Their itinerary is as follows:

July 12 1300 BST – Arrives in the UK

July 12 Dinner – Held at Blenheim Palace, Oxford – The event began with a military ceremony in the Great Court of the Palace, where the bands of the Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards played the Liberty Fanfare, Amazing Grace, and the National Emblem.

Hosted by the Prime Minister, guests at the dinner included leaders of UK business sectors including financial services, travel, creative industries, food and drink, engineering, tech, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals and defence.

Dinner included Scottish salmon, English Hereford beef filet and vegetables, and strawberries and clotted cream ice cream

July 12 Night – Travel over to the US Ambassador’s London residence Winfield House, in Regent’s Park to stay.

July 13 Morning – Visit Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst to view a demonstration of UK military capabilities and integrated UK-US military training.

July 13 Morning / Lunch – Visit the Prime Minister’s country retreat of Chequers for what Downing Street has described as “substantive bilateral talks on a range of foreign policy issues”.

July 13 – Meet with the Queen in Windsor Castle.

US ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson said that meeting the monarch was “job one” for the president and “very symbolic”.

July 13 Evening – Fly to Scotland where they will meet David Mundell, the Secretary of State for Scotland.

Trump is expected to visit Trump Turnberry and Trump International Links

July 14 and 15 – No further details are available

Trump itinerary for visit to UK in July 2018

Anti-Trump protests

As Trump meets the Prime Minister, protesters in London are preparing for a march against Trump. July 13 will see the biggest protest of Trump’s visit, as more than 165,000 people have registered their interest in attending the march through central London.

The march will begin at 2pm, outside the BBC building in Portland Place. The demonstrators will then march to Trafalgar Square, where a rally will be held from 5pm until 7pm.

Protesters released a giant, orange-hued balloon of a “Trump Baby” in a diaper over Britain’s Houses of Parliament early Friday morning, in what organizers said was an attempt to speak to the leader “in a language that he understands, which is personal insults.”

The rally is aimed at criticizing not only Trump’s attitude toward women, but also his hardline policies, including the Muslim travel ban and the separation of migrant children from their families at the US border, the organizers said.

Trump visits London July 2018. 165,000 registered an interest in going. Giant orange 'Trump baby' released over houses of parliament. Donald Trump baby cartoon caricature APT

In response to the protest in London, Trump told the Sun:

“I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London.”

“I used to love London as a city. I haven’t been there in a long time. But when they make you feel unwelcome, why would I stay there?”

Interview with The Sun (UK Newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch)

Prior to his arrival in the UK, Trump was interviewed by The Sun, in his interview he further damaged the already fragile UK Prime Minister, Theresa May due to her stance to Brexit (the UK’s withdrawal to the EU). Trump also:

  • Accused EU leaders of destroying its culture and identity by allowing in millions of migrants
  • Criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan for not standing up to terrorists and for crime rate in London
  • Insisted former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson would make “a great Prime Minister”
  • Denied once branding Theresa May a “bossy schoolteacher”
  • Maintained he would keep ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin despite the Salisbury Novichok poisonings
  • Demanded Britain and other Nato countries spend more on defence
  • Spoke of his sadness at feeling unwelcome in the capital by anti-Trump protesters
  • Claimed millions of Brits backed his policies
  • Told of his pride at taking wife Melania to meet the Queen

Trump visits UK in July 2018. In interview with The Sun he makes a number of fake news claims. Donald Trump and Theresa May cartoon caricature APT

During the interview Trump made the following claims, which are all extraordinary and some are even fake news:

Trump claims he is the most popular person in the history of the Republican Party

“You know, a poll just came out that I am the most popular person in the history of the Republican Party—92 per cent. Beating Lincoln. I beat our Honest Abe.”

FAKE NEWS – Lincoln died in 1865, the telephone was first used in 1876 and presidential approval polling began in the late 1930’s, probably 1937 – This is over 70 years after Lincolns death.

In an interview with the Sun, Donald Trump claims he is the most popular person in the history of the Republican Party - this is fake news. Cartoon caricature APT

Trump claims he predicted Brexit

“I was cutting a ribbon for the opening of Turnberry — you know they totally did a whole renovation, it is beautiful — the day before the Brexit vote.”

“I said, ‘Brexit will happen’. The vote is going to go positive, because people don’t want to be faced with the horrible immigration problems that they are being faced with in other countries.”

FAKE NEWS – Trump arrived in Turnberry on June 24 2016, the day after the Brexit vote (June 23). This is evidenced by Trump’s tweet from June 24:

“Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back. No games!”

In an interview with the Sun, Donald Trump claims he predicted Brexit - this is fake news. Cartoon caricature APT

Trump slams Prime Minister May’s approach to Brexit

“I told May how to do Brexit but she didn’t listen to me.”

“If they do a deal like that, we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the UK, so it will probably kill the deal.”

“It was not the deal that was in the referendum. I have just been hearing this over the last three days. I know they have had a lot of resignations. So a lot of people don’t like it.”

Trump denies he called May a “bossy schoolteacher”

“No, no, no, no. I never said anything bad about her.”

“That is fake news. I think she is a nice person. I get along with her very nicely. The Washington Post is totally fake. They are just a lobbyist for Amazon.”

Trump says former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson would be a “great Prime Minister”

“I have a lot of respect for Boris. He obviously likes me, and says very good things about me.”

“I was very saddened to see he was leaving government and I hope he goes back in at some point.”

“I think he is a great representative for your country.”

“I am just saying I think he would be a great Prime Minister.”

“I think he’s got what it takes.”

Trump criticizes London Mayor Sadiq Khan

“I think allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad.”

“I look at cities in Europe, and I can be specific if you’d like. You have a mayor who has done a terrible job in London. He has done a terrible job.”

“Take a look at the terrorism that is taking place. Look at what is going on in London. I think he has done a very bad job on terrorism.”

“I think he has done a bad job on crime, if you look, all of the horrible things going on there, with all of the crime that is being brought in.”

In response to the attack, Sadiq Khan responded on July 13 by saying terrorism was a global problem which also affected other European cities.

“What is interesting is Trump is not criticising mayors of those cities, but he is criticising me.”

“There has been an increase in violent crime across England and Wales … it’s gone up by more than 20% … and by 4% in London … We must deal with the causes, but also enforcement and where we have lost £7m in our budget in London I have invested £4m… the idea to blame immigration from Africa is preposterous, and we should call him out when does.”

Trump had previously been very critical of Sadiq Khan following the terrorist attack in June 2017, when he tweeted:

“At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!'”

This was FAKE NEWS, as the quote was taken completely out of context and was in fact Khan’s response to police presence the following day. Khan actually said:

“My message to Londoners and visitors to our great city is to be calm and vigilant today. You will see an increased police presence today, including armed officers and uniformed officers.”

“There is no reason to be alarmed by this. We are the safest global city in the world. You saw last night as a consequence of our planning, our preparation, the rehearsals that take place, the swift response from the emergency services tackling the terrorists and also helping the injured.”

On June 3 2017 terrorists attacked using a van and knives on London Bridge and in Borough Market in London, UK.

  • Seven people are killed in a terror attack near London Bridge. Police shot dead the three attackers
  • Ambulance service says 48 patients were taken to five hospitals; 21 are in a critical condition
  • Four police officers were injured, two seriously
  • Eight armed officers fired a total of 50 bullets at the three attackers
  • One member of the public suffered gunshot wounds and is receiving treatment in hospital
  • 12 people have been arrested during police raids in Barking, east London

On June 4 2017, Trump tweeted:

“Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That’s because they used knives and a truck!”

Is this really an appropriate response from the US President, the leader of the free world?

Donald Trump tweet after London Terror attack on 3rd June 2017


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