Trump – Vote for Republicans or I’ll Be Impeached – September 6, 2018

At a rally in Montana on Thursday night, President Donald Trump argued that supporters should vote for Republicans in the midterms so he won’t get impeached.

“You’re voting for which party controls Congress very important thing, very important thing,. I don’t even bring it up because I view it as you know they like to use the “impeach” word, “impeach Trump,” Maxine Waters—“we will impeach him.” But he didn’t do anything wrong. “It doesn’t matter, impeach him.” But I say, how do you impeach someone that’s doing a great job? That hasn’t done anything wrong? Our economy is good. How do you do it? How do you do it? How do you do it? “We will impeach him!” But he’s doing a great job. “It doesn’t matter,” remember that line.”

Trump on impeachment - If it does happen it is your fault because you did not go out and vote! Vote BLUE. Donald Trump cartoon caricature APT

Trump also commented that if he were to be impeached it would be the fault of his supporters

“It is so ridiculous. But we will worry about that, it ever happens, but if it does happen it is your fault because you did not go out and vote. You did not go out to vote, that is the only way it can happen. I will be the only president in history that will say what a job he has done, by the way, we are impeaching him.”

Trump also questioned why the press in 1863 initially criticized President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address only to praise it years later, and wondered if that would happen with him, too.

“You know when Abraham Lincoln made that Gettysburg Address speech, the great speech, you know he was ridiculed? And he was excoriated by the fake news. They had fake news then. They said it was a terrible, terrible speech.”

Trump added:

“50 years after his death they said it may have been the greatest speech ever made in America. Pretty good.”

Before concluding:

“I have a feeling that’s going to happen with us. In different ways, that’s going to happen with us.”

Trump also vented his anger over the New York Times op-ed from a senior administration official

“You just look. He was- nobody knows who the hell he is… or she. Although, they put he — but probably that’s a little disguise. That means it’s she. But for the sake of our national security, the New York Times should publish his name at once. I think their reporters should go and investigate who it is. That would actually be a good scoop.” 

Trump also lauded he previous meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

“They wanted me to have a boxing match on this stage. We had a great meeting. We talked about Ukraine, we talked about Syria. We talked about the protection of Israel. We talked about so many great things. But they came back and they said it was terrible. I said what was terrible, we had a great meeting.”

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