Trump’s Private Schedules – 297 Hours of ‘Executive Time’ in 3 Months

A White House source has leaked nearly every day of President Trump’s private schedule for the past three months.

This leak gives us unprecedented visibility into how Trump spends his days. The schedules, which cover the time period from 11/07/2018 through to 02/01/2019 show that Trump spent 57% of his categorized time in ‘Executive Time’.

Trump schedules - 07112018-01022019 - 57% of Trumps time was executive time. Donald Trump cartoon caricature APT.JPG

The detail shows that Trump spent his time as follows:

  • 297 hours in ‘Executive Time’
  • 31 hours travelling domestically
  • 23 hours lunching by himself
  • 20 hours in Chief of Staff meetings
  • 178 hours travelling internationally
  • 17 hours looking at policy
  • 7 hours in intelligence briefings
  • 7 hours in lunch with Mike Pence (VP)
  • 7 hours in media engagements
  • 5 hours in lunch with the Secretary of State
  • 5 hours in photo opportunities
  • 3 hours in personnel meetings
  • 3 hours in pre-briefing
  • 2.5 hours in bill signing
  • All other items were of a duration of 2 hours or less
Trump Schedules Analysis. Leaked timelines

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